We maintain a policy of fixed prices for our services. You know immediately how much you will have to pay us, and at the same time you will be sure that the quality and quantity of our services will not affect the final cost.





The price includes:

  • Entire process of consulting
  • Pre-selection of suppliers
  • Advice and budget management
  • Support during the process of choosing services
  • Monitored meetings and visits (we will always accompany / represent the bride and groom whenever necessary as well as accompany them to all scheduled meetings)
  • Management and coordination of suppliers and services
  • Payments and related issues (you pay us directly and we will handle paying every supplier for you in order to make it simple and easy)
  • Full monitoring, management and coordination on the wedding day
  • Stylist consultation



150€ per day for the first coordinator, 100€ per day for the others

Coordinators are not organize your wedding-day, bur they can help make it so easy. They work just 1 day – your Wedding Day.



Skype-meeting 60€/hour

Personal consultation 110€ (up to 2 hours)

If you want to organize you wedding personaly, but need some help with suppliers, with ideas and with process of intire work, it is for you.


Host/ Wedding Celebrante in Portugal (North, Lisbon zone and Algarve)


Inluding wedding ceremony text, travel cost (up to 100 km from Lisbon, if more – 0,3€/km), speaker and 2 wireless microfones

Languages: english / portuguese / italian / russian / ucranian / german / french / spanish

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  1. Paulo Aguiar

    Bom Dia,
    Se percebo bem, quer dizer que entre 31 e 60 convidados a prestaçao para os vossos serviços custa 1300 Euros.
    Sem custo adicional, o pagamento aos fornecedores (restaurante, florista, fotografo, …) serà pago à parte?
    Obrigado pela informaçao.

    • viktoriia.studiovictorias

      Certo, os nossos serviços para 2016 vão custar 1300€ e outros fornecedores serão pago à parte.

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